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Fulfilling Your Certified Training Requirements
in a Business Friendly Way

Cal/OSHA has training requirements for a variety of working tasks and functions. Among the most expensive to comply with; are the certified training requirements.

Let’s face it….Though necessary, upfront class cost can be hefty. As an employer; each contractor needs to balance their desire to use the best trainers possible with class costs, to provide that education. Included within training expenses, are materials and rental space; which adds to the cost.

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Ask The Consultant
By Chuck Daleo

Q: What is out there for new work?
Roger D.

This is almost a very timely question. There has been much talk and writings about the “big” one. That means an earthquake in the 6-7 range and maybe more.

A shaker of this size can cause severe damages to any building but there is a higher risk for buildings that are not properly braced or in the older homes not even connected to the foundation.

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732 N. Diamond Bar Blvd. #114
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Safe Handling of Flammable Liquids

Flammable liquids are used in many workplaces. They may range from cleaning fluids, paints, and gasoline to some more volatile and dangerous liquids. If you remember a few simple, common sense rules when handling or storing flammable liquids, you can help prevent injury to yourself and your coworkers or prevent your jobsite from going up in flames.

Flammable liquids themselves will not burn, but as the liquid evaporates, it gives off vapors that mix with the air to form dangerous gases that can be set off by a small spark. Gasoline, for example, evaporates at temperatures as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. As the temperature rises, the rate of evaporation increases and more and more vapors are given off. Vapors are usually heavier than air so they collect in the lowest areas they can reach. Without good ventilation to dissipate them, a small spark can set off a big disaster.

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Manejo seguro de líquidos inflamables

Se usan líquidos inflamables en muchos lugares de trabajo. Éstos pueden abarcar desde líquidos para limpieza, pinturas y gasolina, hasta líquidos más volátiles y peligrosos. Si se recuerdan algunas reglas sencillas, de sentido común, al manejar y almacenar líquidos inflamables, se pueden evitar lesiones a su persona y a sus compañeros de trabajo, así como evitar incendios en el sitio de trabajo.

Los líquidos inflamables en sí no arden, pero según se evapora el líquido, emite vapores que, al mezclarse con el aire, forman gases peligrosos que pueden incendiarse con sólo una pequeña chispa. La gasolina, por ejemplo, se evapora a temperaturas tan bajas como 45 grados Fahrenheit bajo cero. Según aumenta la temperatura, la tasa de evaporación aumenta y se emiten más y más vapores. Los vapores generalmente son más pesados que el aire y por lo tanto se acumulan en las áreas más bajas que puedan alcanzar. Sin una buena ventilación para disiparlos, una pequeña chispa puede causar un desastre enorme.

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Capitol Connection Q&A for Contractors
By Shauna Krause, President, Capitol Services, Inc

He is likely a gentleman, but isn’t an ‘Officer’! I ‘break down’ the issues on ‘General’ mold removal, while correcting another contractor that reaches an incorrect conclusion about having your cake and eating it too. I will ‘waive’ off his mistaken notions about reciprocity…

Q:  My company does mold restoration, we tear out moldy wet drywall, cabinets, flooring, etc. We do not “restore” or install anything. My company has a “B” (General Contracting) license. I want to get my own license and I’m wondering if I need to also have the “B” license, or would a Demolition license be more appropriate?

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Microsoft Excel Tips
There are many computer applications out there to help contractors be more productive and efficient.  Microsoft Excel is one where you can utilize for calculations involving numbers.  It has electronic spreadsheets with formulas used to achieve repetitive calculations, functions, and graphing.

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