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Those of you that are familiar with Business and Professions Code section 7031 know the harsh realities of contracting without a license. Under the present law, any person who performs work that requires a contractors' license must be a "duly licensed contractor at all times." If a determination is made that a contractor was not licensed at all times, unless a narrow exception applies, the contractor will be precluded from collecting for work performed even during periods of time in which the contractor was licensed. Furthermore, section 7031 also provides that a person may recover all monies they paid to the contractor who was not duly licensed at all times, and this is regardless of the quality of the work.

The harshness of the law as outlined in section 7031 was ruled upon by the California Supreme Court, which is California's highest court, in the case of M.W. Erectors, Inc. v. Niederhauser Ornamental and Metal Works, Co., Inc.

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Ask The Consultant
By Chuck Daleo

Q: What’s up with all the cities requiring different stuff?
Dave H.

What Ben means is that cities have different local amendments to the CBC. He is actually an almost newbie to his family’s construction business. His current tasks are to get permits and they do business in many cities. Consequently, he has run the gamut of many different requirements. Over the past few months, he has vented to me about these local changes and how frustrated he is at times.

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Noise and Hearing Loss

From the manufacturing industry to the entertainment industry, employees need training and personal protective equipment (PPE) to reduce the possibility of permanent hearing loss. Employees in the fast food industry may not recognize the potential effects of wearing the headset used to take order for the drive-thru window. Employees in a bar, music entertainment club or venue are candidates for hearing loss from long-term exposure. According to Lisa Goines and Louis Hagler (2007, March) one-third of student employees exposed to unsafe levels of noise at an entertainment establishment at a University had a loss of hearing of 30 dB or greater. An employee who experiences chronic exposure to noise may not notice the gradual loss of hearing. Hearing loss can be temporary when an employee removes themselves from the source of the noise.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA, 2006, April 3) provides guidelines to employers about PPEs (OSHA, n.d.). Research from the OSHA web site indicates that noise can affect a person’s blood pressure, can increase pulse rate and can contribute to other health issues. OSHA standard 1910 Subpart G the Occupational noise exposure...

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Ruido y Pérdida Auditiva

Desde la industria manufacturera hasta la industria del entretenimiento, los empleados necesitan capacitación y equipo de protección personal (PPE) para reducir la posibilidad de pérdida permanente de la audición.

Los empleados en la industria de comida rápida pueden no reconocer los efectos potenciales de usar el auricular utilizado para tomar el orden de la ventana de unidad de disco. Los empleados en un bar, club de entretenimiento musical o el lugar son candidatos para la pérdida de la audición de la exposición a largo plazo. Según Lisa Goines y Louis Hagler (2007, marzo), un tercio de los empleados estudiantiles expuestos a niveles inseguros de ruido en un establecimiento de entretenimiento en una universidad tuvieron una pérdida auditiva de 30 dB o mayor. Un empleado que experimenta exposición crónica al ruido puede no notar la pérdida gradual de la audición. La pérdida auditiva puede ser temporal cuando un empleado se elimina de la fuente del ruido.

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Capitol Connection Q&A for Contractors
By Shauna Krause, President, Capitol Services, Inc

Let’s play ‘match game’! We’ll take ‘multiple choice’ in answering this contractor. Worker’s compensation insurance is just the first step for those previously ‘exempt’ from the need. Taking work outside CA often requires a little ‘two step’ to cross the ‘gaap’ in taking advantage of reciprocity while getting a NV license application right ‘on the money’…

Q:  Does the Officer list with CSLB need to match the Officer’s list the Secretary of State of CA has for the entity? We just recently updated our list with the Secretary of State.

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Computer Corner

Empowering Construction With Mobile Technology

Executives in all industries are realizing the value of mobile technology and leveraging it for improved and timely communication across business operations. The construction industry is rapidly adopting mobile technologies, especially because team members tend to be dispersed and on the move. 

Telecommunications lines gave way to cell phones, which gave way to smartphones. However, devices like the iPad have given some contractors a true competitive edge. Using construction software and an iPad app, contractors gain mobile access to business-critical applications, such as project management, estimating, accounting, and inventory and equipment management. This puts decision-making power in real time, anywhere, for wide-reaching benefits to a construction firm. 

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