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Protecting Yourself from Ticks and Mosquitoes

Outdoor workers may be exposed to vector-borne diseases spread from the bites of infected ticks and mosquitoes. Ticks and mosquitoes may carry bacteria, parasites or viruses.

One of the most common tick-borne diseases in the U.S. is Lyme disease. Ticks are found in wooded areas, high grass, or leaf litter. They are most active during the spring, summer and fall, but in warmer areas may be active all year round.

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Ask The Consultant
By Chuck Daleo

Q: Exactly what is a hazardous occupancy? I have a small wood cabinet shop in the back of my construction office where I do small jobs. A fire inspector drove by - looked inside and then wrote me up for a hazardous occupancy. What do I have to do?
Fred M.

Fred is not the only contractor that has a work shop in the back room. I know there are a lot of you that do wood working albeit on a small scale

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Hard Hats

Your head is the most important part of your body. It contains the matter that controls your ability to think, speak, and move. So, it’s head from injury on the job. Wearing your hard hat is the first line of defense against head injury.

A hard hat is meant to protect your head from the impact of falling material and accidental bumping.

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El Casco

La cabeza es la parte más importante del cuerpo. Contiene el cerebro que controla la capacidad de pensar, hablar y moverse. Por eso es lesiones en la cabeza durante el trabajo. El uso de un casco es la primera línea de defensa contra las lesiones a la cabeza.

El casco tiene el propósito de protegerle la cabeza contra el impacto de materiales que caen y golpes accidentales. Los componentes de la suspensión interna del casco actúan como amortiguadores y están diseñados para absorber o desviar el golpe y distribuir el impacto sobre un área grande. Aunque el casco se abolle o se quiebre, aún puede absorber parte de la fuerza del impacto y desviarla de la cabeza. También puede protegerle el cuero cabelludo, la cara, el cuello y los hombros contra derrames o salpicaduras peligrosas.

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Capitol Connection Q&A for Contractors
By Shauna Krause, President, Capitol Services, Inc

A ‘civil’ answer on discipline! Another contractor seeks out expert assistance to avoid any possible mistakes in applying for his California number. Finally, an interesting question from a Nevada contractor who can’t quite ‘put a finger’ on the answer…

Q:  My company’s license was suspended due to a civil judgement. The CSLB informed me that we would be required to comply with the judgement and we would also need to obtain a ‘disciplinary’ bond. Does the Disciplinary Bond take the place of our $15,000 Contractor’s Bond or is it in addition to our Contractor’s bond? How long do we need to keep the extra bond in place?

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Computer Corner

Empowering Construction With Mobile Technology

Executives in all industries are realizing the value of mobile technology and leveraging it for improved and timely communication across business operations. The construction industry is rapidly adopting mobile technologies, especially because team members tend to be dispersed and on the move. 

Telecommunications lines gave way to cell phones, which gave way to smartphones. However, devices like the iPad have given some contractors a true competitive edge. Using construction software and an iPad app, contractors gain mobile access to business-critical applications, such as project management, estimating, accounting, and inventory and equipment management. This puts decision-making power in real time, anywhere, for wide-reaching benefits to a construction firm. 

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