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Slowdown in Office Construction Might Be Coming in 2019

While new office construction has been robust so far in 2018, next year developers might begin pulling back, according to David Bitner, head of Americas capital markets research with real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield. He cites rising construction costs, concerns about the end of the real estate cycle and zoning issues as the reasons.

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Ask The Consultant
By Chuck Daleo

Q: What are some of the new requirements in the CRC? ~ Tom H.

Well they aren’t exactly new because the 2016 CRC has been in use since January 2017.

But, I will try to give you what I consider to be changes that could be missed.

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Roofing work using tar, torches, or welding exposes workers to heat, burns, and overexertion that can lead to serious injuries and heat illness.

During work, wear light-colored, flame-resistant clothing with long sleeves and cuffless long pants to protect you from heat and burns. Collars and cowls protect your face, neck and ears. Wear a hard hat, safety boots with a non-slip sole and heel, and leather or heat-resistant gloves. Don’t tuck your pants into your boots. Face shields, side-shielded safety glasses, or goggles protect your eyes. A respirator protects your lungs from fume exposures.

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El trabajo en techos usando asfalto, quemadores o soldadoras expone al trabajador a calor, quemaduras y esfuerzos excesivos que pueden resultar en lesiones graves o agotamiento por calor.

Durante su trabajo, use ropa de color claro y resistente a las llamas, con mangas largas y pantalones largos sin vueltas para protegerse contra el calor y las quemaduras. Los cuellos y las capuchas le protegen la cara, el cuello y las orejas. Use un casco, botas de seguridad con suelas y tacones antideslizantes y guantes de cuero o resistentes al calor. No se meta los pantalones en las botas. Las caretas, lentes de seguridad con resguardos laterales o gafas (goggles) le protegen los ojos. Un equipo de respiración le protege los pulmones contra los gases.

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Capitol Connection Q&A for Contractors
By Shauna Krause, President, Capitol Services, Inc

I assist contractors with licensing in CA, NV and AZ, including those with ‘foreign’ accents unfamiliar with the American way. And all it takes to provide contractors help on some questions is a little bit of ‘sole’…

Q:  We are an out-of-country contractor and we have a California ‘B’ (General Building) contractor’s license but we are unfamiliar with all of the rules or limitations the State has in place. If certain Construction work, such as Roofing, is carried out, is it considered unauthorized and can be punished?

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The 5 Best Smartphones For Construction Work (2018 Edition)

All of the major phone manufacturers have introduced their latest and greatest to the market, which means it’s that time of year again to roundup what I see as the best smartphones those in the construction industry can buy.

This year’s list is the strongest roundup of devices we’ve seen to date, so let’s dig in ...

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