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Using Aerial Lifts

The major causes of injuries and fatalities involving aerial lifts are falls, electrocutions, and collapses or tip-overs. Aerial devices include boom-supported aerial platforms, such as cherry pickers or bucket trucks, aerial ladders and vertical towers (OSHA regulates scissor lifts as mobile scaffolds, not as aerial devices). Safe work practices for aerial lifts include ...

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Ask The Consultant
By Chuck Daleo

Q: What do we do when the approved plans are incorrect?

This question leads to my concerns about “approved” plans. As you probably know, my main work involves Code review of plans for architects and builders. I have found numerous mistakes made by the plan checkers and architects. Remember, these plans were stamped as approved.

In one case, the unprotected exterior exit stairs were too close to the property line. This can be a potential issue if the building was having a fire episode and the one next door was also involved. The occupants may have to use these stairs to get out of harm’s way. But, because it is too close to the property line, they could be subjected to heat and smoke. That is why the Code would require a fire-rated enclosure around the stairs.

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Emergency Planning

We are all familiar with the public service announcements advising us to be prepared for emergencies. Take small steps to increase your disaster preparedness.

First, know your risks at home and at work. What industry do you work in? Are there chemical, fire, or other physical hazards? Where do you live and work and what are the earthquake, flood, wildfire, risks? Knowing your risks helps you identify necessary supplies, equipment, and procedures.

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Planificación para emergencias

Todos estamos familiarizados con los anuncios de servicio público recomendándonos que estemos preparados para emergencias. Adopte medidas sencillas para aumentar su preparación para desastres.

Primero, sepa sus riesgos en el hogar y en el trabajo. ¿En qué industria trabaja? ¿Hay peligros químicos, de incendio u otros peligros físicos? ¿Cuáles son los riesgos de incendio, inundación, y fuego arrasador donde vive y trabaja? Saber los riesgos a los que está expuesto le ayuda a identificar los suministros, equipos y procedimientos necesarios.

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Capitol Connection Q&A for Contractors
By Shauna Krause, President, Capitol Services, Inc

As the contractor’s licensing expert, I get all kinds of questions. Many are simple, straightforward issues with easy to understand answers. Some are complex, multi-layered ‘regulation’ cakes that require answers one slice at a time! Let’s cut to the chase…

Q:  I am a Sole Owner of a CA General Building "B" License. I established a ‘S’ Corp last year to operate contracts under my license but have not yet signed a contract using the Corp, nor have I put the license under the Corporation’s name. At this time, I'd like to bring on a 50-50 partner under the ‘S’ Corp and enter into contracts using my license. At the same time, I'd like to also have the freedom to enter into my own contracts outside the partnership, also using my license. My first question is, how can I bring my Sole Owner license to the Corporation and bring on a partner? Second question, can I use the same license and enter in to separate contracts with a different fictitious name than the one used for the corporation?

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